Crime in Canada is written by Dr. John Anderson, He retired in June, 2014 from the Criminology Department at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. He continues as an Honourary Research Associate at VIU. He is a spokesperson for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and a member of the Stop the Violence Coalition. John holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Sciences (Criminology Major, SFU), a Masters in Criminology (SFU), and a PhD in Sociology (UVic). 

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  1. Kenji Fuse says:

    Ian Hunter, proprietor of the Hemp Shop here in Vic [RIP], used to talk about the annual police union conferences, and how the American union[s?] were the most aggressive in terms of both coming down hard on countries turning ‘soft’ on marijuana charges.
    He also talked about how they were the most sophisticated and aggressive in spreading tactics on how to bully city councils in order to increase police department budgets. The incident about a decade ago where the Toronto Municipal Police were soliciting donations for “I Love the Toronto PD” bumper stickers was such a result, but someone challenged this in court and they were ordered to stop.
    There is a real dearth on journalism about these police union conferences.

  2. There’s actually some scholarship on this topic. John Sewell documented his struggle with the Toronto City Police in Urban Policing in Canada (1985) when he was the Mayor of Toronto. I see he has a newer book out entitled, The Police in Canada: The Real Story (2010).
    A more recent article is:

    Huey, L., & Hryniewicz, D. (2012). “We Never Refer to Ourselves as a Lobby Group Because ‘Lobby Group’ Has a Different Connotation”: Voluntary Police Associations and the Framing of Their Interest Group Work. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 54(3), 287-308. doi: 10.3138/cjccj.2011.E27

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